RiverWalk Update from Mississippi Partners

Per the charge of the Mississippi Partners Executive Board, the joint RiverWalk Task Force was asked to submit a periodic summary of their activities to Mississippi Partners on the progress of the RiverWalk initiative.  Dave Laliberte, Chair of the Task Force, has provided the attached summary of the Task Force’s efforts to date. They are off to a terrific start, and have blended the three primary entities involved in this initiative – Mississippi Partners, St. Cloud Rotary Club and The City of St. Cloud – into a seamless group with a common goal of seeing the RiverWalk become a reality.

As Chair of Mississippi Partners, I want to thank Chair Laliberte and the other members of the Task Force for their time and for the terrific job they are doing in continuing to move this exciting initiative forward.

David A. Leapaldt
Mississippi Partners Chair

RiverWalk Task Force Update – April 1 2016


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