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Goal: To encourage riverfront development while ensuring the balance and protection of the river’s sensitive ecology.

Economic development in harmony with ecosystem needs? Yep, that’s the plan! In fact, finding ways to make development work for the needs of people and the environment is one of the key goals of the River Plan. Here are some plan excerpts:



convention-center-river-300x225Riverfront amenities: Increase the number and quality of destinations attracting residents and visitors to the riverfront such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, casinos, community centers, museums, and education centers.

Riverfront placemaking: Sites must include static and changing design elements (tables, benches, public art, water features) that create a unique sense of place and enhance the experience, thereby encouraging repeat visits.

Context-sensitive design: Development must complement the natural setting and connect with the existing and future urban surroundings.

Riverfront plazas: Create open spaces that accommodate large assemblies for community events and tourism opportunities. Regular programming of these urban plazas can reintroduce longtime residents, as well as welcome visitors and new generations to the urban riverfront. Spaces will consistently be used as an urban oasis when appropriately placed next to job centers and residential densities.


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