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Goal: Provide and manage year-round opportunities for integrating the Mississippi River’s natural, cultural, and built environment into existing and new community activities and celebrations.

A national treasure, right in our own backyard!

While we often take it for granted, the Mississippi River is a geographical superstar to folks across the globe. Made legendary by Mark Twain’s “Huck Finn” it’s the backdrop for adventure — from the headwaters just to our North, all the way to its destination in the Gulf of Mexico. Embracing this natural asset and unique destination opens a world of opportunities for engaging and enjoying the river and its benefits to our communities. Here are some plan excerpts:


103012-Thelen-CVB-1745_ORIGINAL-e1366224448987-238x300Expansion of Current Events: Incorporate river elements/activities into existing community festivals in Sartell, Sauk Rapids and St. Cloud, such as changing location of existing activities (e.g., revise marathon course to river’s edge) and/or adding new events (e.g., fishing contest) along the river.
Marketing Efforts: Promote the river and its amenities (parks, trails and destinations) as a tourist attraction and economic development asset using the St. Cloud Official Visitors Guide and other similar tools.
River Branding: Develop a consistent brand reflecting the St. Cloud area’s position as a Mississippi River community. Utilize the brand as a unifying theme for regional riverfront initiatives, such as changing the name of Granite City Days to Granite City River Days in St. Cloud.
Riverfront Wayfinding: Establish wayfinding systems to enhance the river experience for residents and visitors, including creation of an “urban river map” showing access points/destinations and consistent trailblazing signage along the urban river corridor.
Events: Promote a series of events throughout the year to encourage community participation and attract visitors.


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