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The Mississippi River created this place.  The headwaters of this powerful river carved through the northern forests, through the bluffs of downtown, and onward through the plains of Central RiverWalk Master Plan - CoverMinnesota as it heads toward the Falls at St. Anthony.  The ecological and spiritual value of this stop on the Mississippi has attracted people throughout history including Native Americans, explorers, settlers, and capitalists.  As industry grew, the community used the river as an industrial tool, and it began to lose its connection to other parts of the community fabric such as commerce, recreation, natural resources, and the community identity.  The RiverWalk seeks to re-establish these connections and leverage the power and beauty of the Mississippi to drive a transformation that will push St. Cloud into the future.

This transformation is based on the connections established by the RiverWalk. Bringing the community back to the river to realize the economic, ecological, and spiritual value of the Mississippi is the key goal. The RiverWalk builds upon recent planning studies and projects and creates, in physical form, a regional destination that will bring new commerce, education and recreation opportunities to the banks of the River.

New connections, relationships, and partnerships are critical to the RiverWalk’s success. There is potential in the RiverWalk for historic institutions, pioneering developers, and city leaders to work together to define a sustainable future for St. Cloud. These ideas and connections can drift downstream and into other ares of the city.

The St. Cloud RiverWalk Master Plan was adopted by St. Cloud City Council on October 23, 2017.

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