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Goal: Protect, restore, and manage the Mississippi’s natural environment while accommodating human activities in a sustainable manner.

The Mississippi River is on a comeback, but the work is far from over. The River Plan puts protecting and restoring the river at the forefront of the discussion, so that human interaction happens wisely and sustainably. The Mississippi River and all of the wildlife that depends on it are far too important to deserve anything less. Here are some plan excerpts:



kids-fishingStormwater Management: Reduce stormwater runoff entering the river to improve water quality and aquatic wildlife habitat by implementing low-impact development strategies, narrowing the width of neighborhood streets, installing rain gardens/barrels, installing permeable paving products, and planting trees. Improve quality of stormwater runoff from areas most prone to high sediment/contaminant levels.

Shoreline Restoration: Restore vegetative buffers along the shoreline of public and private properties. Identify and protect remaining natural areas within the river corridor (e.g. island habitats and small woodlots) through acquisition or easement by public entities for passive and/or active recreational opportunities.

Design Standards/Green Building: Strongly advocate for the use of green building standards, techniques, and materials and incorporation.


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