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Goal: Provide and manage a variety of year-round, passive and active opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to access and recreate within the Mississippi River Corridor.

Relaxation and fun come naturally when the Mississippi River is the star of the action. In, on and near the water, the River Plan focuses on countless ways to experience and explore the natural environment — from hiking or biking riverside trails, to paddling or fishing its waters. Just an afternoon or outfitted for a day, it’s always an adventure on the river.

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Here are some plan excerpts:


081-206x300Trail Connectivity: Create a comprehensive network of existing and future riverfront trails connecting community walkways and trails with riverfront oriented facilities, recreation amenities and restoration areas on both sides of the river. Trails must connect the entire length of the river corridor, as well as extend away from the river into adjacent areas.

Youth Engagement: Utilize the riverfront as a means of promoting healthier lifestyles, as well as to introduce youth to flora, fauna, and water resources. Recent studies suggest that riverfront amenities are also a vital element in retaining college graduates within the community.

Blue Trails: Better define/enhance the DNR’s existing water trail that passes through the area. Enhancements could include construction of supportive shoreland facilities the length of the river corridor that take advantage of the unique opportunities provided by the Beaver Islands and other natural features. Safe access and portage opportunities must be provided for each stretch between dams and promoted as a resident and tourism amenity.

Water Access: Provide safe access for watercraft users, pedestrians, and cyclists to get to the river where possible.


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