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In short, the River Plan is all about making the most of this globally recognized, amazing natural asset we all share yet too often overlook. This website provides an overview of the plan, including its four key focus areas including ecosystem preservation, urban development, recreation and tourism.

Planning Principles
  1. Treat the river and its scenic beauty as an irreplaceable community asset.
  2. Plan and act — on both land and water — in all ways that support a long‐term healthy and diverse river ecosystem.
  3. Imagine and invent year‐round recreation for all ages and abilities along the river.
  4. Draw strength for today’s society from the cultural heritage of the river.
  5. Strengthen visual and physical connections to the river from surrounding lands.
  6. Use a mix of urban land uses consistent with the river community’s comprehensive plans.
  7. Leverage the river to attract new investment and sustain economic development in the region.
  8. Promote public‐private partnership and leadership from all interests.
  9. Engage the public, government entities, and private interests in the collaborative implementation of the riverfront plan.

river-reachesSix river reaches have been delineated for the urban river corridor based upon their unique geology, vegetative cover, land use, accessibility, and visual characteristics. A river reach plan has been developed to define the specific challenges and opportunities presented given the characteristics and stakeholders of each reach.

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