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Champions of the St. Cloud Urban Area Mississippi River Corridor Plan

Mississippi Partners is a volunteer group of local citizens and government officials who have come together to promote the Mississippi River and the implementation of the St. Cloud Urban Area Mississippi River Corridor Plan. As champions of the plan, our role is to create awareness of the Mississippi River’s untapped potential for economic development, recreation and tourism and foster ecosystem preservation/improvement and river water quality.

Our research of other successful Mississippi River communities revealed several common characteristics:

  • Each created a plan to increase awareness about the potential and importance of the Mississippi River to the community. These plans were community-based  and solicited information and feedback from the community.
  • Local jurisdictions covered by the plan accepted and adopted the plan.
  • A group took ownership of the plan and acted as river champions.
  • The resulting awareness about the river and its potential led to increased river use and further development around river-based initiatives.


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